About Edit

Arcanine (also known as the greatest mod to ever be on KYM), is a Database moderator on the site KnowYourMeme and is regarded as the pinnacle of moderation standards due to his extensive contributions and hard work to ensure that the site is the best as it can be. He purges all the spam and troll accounts he finds so KYM can remain a fun meme site for years to come.

Trivia Edit

  • As of July 14th, 2017, Arcanine has banned the following trolls and lewd-posters: Bill Avony, FunnyMemeBro77, Calculator_Fetishist, David (The NSFW guy), Epyc Wyn, Meesh, Armesi, and former mod HolyCrapItsBob.
  • He broke up a major argument on the GamerGate thread.
  • Is now eligible for Admin position.

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